Reiki Treatment with Fabrizio Romano
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Experience a Reiki Treatment with Fabrizio Romano.

Reiki treatments are gentle, non invasive and relaxing. The client stays fully clothed and covered in a cosy, clean blanket. Hands are placed on, or just off the body, according to the client's preference. The practitioner's intention is that healing takes place for the client, who draws on the energy and takes what is needed in the body and mind.

Types of Treatments

  • In-Person treatment at home (1 hour)
    This is the most common treatment Fabrizio normally performs, at his home in North London (NW11).
    It is very relaxing and beneficial and can be customised according to the client's needs.

  • In-Person treatment wherever Fabrizio is teaching (1 hour)
    Please email Fabrizio before you book it, so he can see if a space for the treatment is available and can fit you in his schedule.

  • Distant treatment
    In case you cannot reach Fabrizio easily, but are in need of Reiki, a distant treatment can be performed anywhere in the world.

    • Short (~30 minutes)​

    • Long (~45 minutes)

Discounts may be applicable when purchasing multiple treatments in bulk. Moreover, if you're struggling with money, please let Fabrizio know and he'll see what can be done.

Note: On the first in-person treatment you do with Fabrizio, you have money-back guarantee if you aren't satisfied. This has never happened but it is there to encourage everyone to try Reiki without the fear of losing money on something they might not like.

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