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Pauline M.

I attended the Shinpiden course with Fabrizio about a month ago and I can tell that this weekend will definitely stay anchored in my heart and mind. Fabrizio  is a TRUE teacher. He teaches with his heart, his soul and gives all his passion, unbelievable knowledge, smile and warmth to his students, and always with a touch of humour! The amount of information and practices we did has definitely clarified a lot of things that were unclear after doing level 2 with another teacher. The Japanese approach of Reiki makes so much more sense to me and the way Fabrizio is sharing his knowledge and love is absolutely unique! I would recommend Fabrizio and this training more than 100% to anybody looking to deepen their knowledge, learn where Reiki is truly coming from and understand how Reiki can be a path of spiritual development. Thank you again Fab! ❤

Elizabeth N.

Had the privilege to participate in this course during the weekend.  This course on the traditional Japanese Reiki, its precepts and its discipline doesn't compare to any Reiki course I had done previously (except for very few things here and there). Most importantly, it was about the emphasis on developing presence through daily practice, and presence during Reiki healing sessions. What a wonderful teacher we had, Fabrizio Romano and what a great group of people we were!

Jan K.

What a beautiful, beautiful, Shinpiden experience this weekend Fabrizio Romano and Elisa thank you! Everything was just perfect. So many areas now for me to be aware of, and to attempt to work on, as I go deeper into my practise. It was also so lovely to share the experience with many caring, interesting and fun students too! May we meet again too perhaps as we travel the happy path to our shining destiny.

Mara M.

I loved taking the 1st Reiki Level with Fabrizio. The energy was powerful but what I liked the most was the calm that Fabrizio spreads and the way he teaches. Clear, passionate, fun and selfless. Rare to be found. Definitely recommended if you are in London and even if you are not, it's worth the trip :)

Robert H.

Fabrizio is a born teacher! He speaks with the quiet voice of authority as a Reiki practitioner, Buddhist, and researcher. His classes are well organised, and presented with a perfect blend of information and practice. Meditating with other Reiki practitioners was a blessing. More of these amazing web classes, please!

Charlotte J.

It was an awesome class Fabrizio. I will be re-watching again & again to really absorb the content. You explain things so well, I really gained so much from it, thank you!

Veronique F.

Thank you, Fabrizio, for sharing your knowledge and experience of Reiki so deeply, clearly, and simply. It is always a joy to sit in your presence. Your smile, warmth, and great sense of humor is such a nice way to make everyone comfortable. So grateful to know you!

Jill F.

The above reviews have said it all. Your years of experience and learning and practice really show in the ease that comes through in you explaining simply and clearly what I think you inferred was the tip of the iceberg!! And not even in your first language. I learnt such a lot, and so glad there’s a recording. Thank you, thank you Fab!

Joanna M.

I have just completed the Shoden training with Fabrizio. Despite the Covid restrictions, Fab managed to make the weekend meaningful, enjoyable and warm. He is always so generous with his teaching which was excellent and thorough. Thank you Fab for all your wisdom, inspiration, love, kindness and  generosity.

Lynn B.

What an experience, we covered grounding, being the great bright light, and exercises which were brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day which just flew by. Fab explains everything so easily you just get it.

Fernanda A.

I want to thank you for the weekend, it was, after giving birth to my children, the best experience I ever had.

Suzanne W.

I just wanted to let you know how I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki 1 course last weekend. Fab's delivery of the Reiki 1 course was totally enlightening along with his warming and fun experiences throughout.

Joanna M.

Thank you for the Professional Treatment workshop. It was wonderful in many ways. I learnt so much in just one afternoon and you were very generous in sharing all your expertise and genius with us. It was informative, inspiring, enlightening and also fun. You have made such a difference to my practice in the past few months, thank you.

Matthew (14 y.o.)

When you placed your hands on my shoulders, I thought anger would come up. Instead, it was like you immersed me into a river of forgiveness. 

Caren R.

[After treatment] I don't think I have ever felt so peaceful in my entire life.

Ros S.

As for our lovely Fabrizio – what a superstar. Beautifully calm and considered presentations. Such an amazing orator.  I feel he is at one with us all.

Deb C.

The work on grounding was superb – I think a lot of people who are drawn to Reiki want to help others and so work from their heart chakra a lot and forget about themselves and easily get exhausted. I feel so grounded since Sunday and realise I really must do more work on this – thank you Fab. The content was at the perfect pitch – deepening the understanding of the spiritual path as a Master. I really look forward to the next one please!

Chrys C.

Thank you Fabrizio for putting into words so beautifully what it means to be grounded and reconnecting me to the light.

Angus G.

I find Fabrizio’s style of teaching extremely detailed and enjoyable which spurred me on to develop new experiences for myself and clients. It’s very easy to take away knowledge when the teacher is talking from their own direct experience of the deeper aspects of Reiki. I’m looking forward to attending many more of these!

Anna P.

Feeling so much gratitude - thank you so much for such a beautiful evening!

Joanna K.

That was totally amazing and peaceful and I really needed that this evening. Thank you Fab!

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