The Reiki Symbols in the Japanese Lineage Webclass (Recorded)

This online workshop is dedicated to practitioners who have already taken a Reiki Master (or Shinpiden) class.


In the 3 hours that we'll spend together, we are going to explore the four Reiki symbols according to the Japanese lineage. We will uncover their original meaning and purpose, and see how they all connect together to help practitioners deepen their practice and understanding of the system.


We are also going to meditate and exercise together, which will help you retain more, and better.


So, join us for 3 hours of fun, practice, and the wonderful wisdom that comes from the spiritual heart of Japan!

The Reiki Symbols in the Japanese Lineage Webclass (Recorded)

  • Reiki Master or equivalent (Reiki level III, Shinpiden graduate).

  • 2h 44m

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