Reiki as a Spiritual Practice Webclass (Recorded)

There are lots of questions about the system of Reiki these days. Can it be used as a spiritual practice? And what is a spiritual practice anyway? If all I want is to be a great hands-on healing practitioner, do I need to practice the spiritual aspects of the system? I have been practicing Reiki for a long time, and I still get angry, worried, and my life is full of difficulties and suffering. Isn't the system of Reiki supposed to help with all those problems?


If you, like many others, find yourself asking these questions, then join Reiki Teacher Fabrizio Romano in an exploration of the deeper aspects of the System of Reiki, and learn how you can use it as a spiritual practice, to bring happiness into your heart, let go of all unnecessary suffering, and live a wonderful and meaningful life.


This webclass will help you understand different key points from the original background of the system of Reiki that are often overlooked or misunderstood by those who were raised in a western culture.


It will deepen your understanding of the connection between your mind and heart, and clarify the reasons why it is so important to put practices like the system of Reiki within the right context, if we truly want to understand their message, their potential, and power.


During this 3 hours webclass, Fabrizio will guide you through the fundamentals of how your mind works and how, using the system of Reiki, you can gradually let go of unnecessary pain, and welcome joy and wellbeing in your life. Fabrizio will also guide you through some practices, taken from the system of Reiki, which will help bringing joy in your life by supporting your transformation.


Fabrizio is a trained Reiki Teacher, a certified Meditation and Mindfulness instructor, and a Buddhist practitioner, and he'll bring into this webclass a blend of the disciplines he has learned and applied to his life for the past 20+ years.


What people say about this class:

"It was an awesome class Fabrizio. I will be re watching again & again to really absorb the content. You explain things so well, I really gained so much from it, thank you!" - Charlotte J.


"The above reviews have said it all. Your years of experience and learning and practice really show in the ease that comes through in you explaining simply and clearly what I think you inferred was the tip of the iceberg!! And not even in your first language. I learnt such a lot, and so glad there’s a recording. Thank you, thank you Fab!" - Jill F.


"Fabrizio is a born teacher! He speaks with the quiet voice of authority as a Reiki practitioner, Buddhist, and researcher. His classes are well-organized, and presented with a perfect blend of information and practice. Meditating with other Reiki practitioners was a blessing. More of these amazing web classes, please!" - Robert H.


"Thank you, Fabrizio, for sharing your knowledge and experience of Reiki so deeply, clearly, and simply. It is always a joy to sit in your presence. Your smile, warmth, and great sense of humor is such a nice way to make everyone comfortable. So grateful to know you!" - Veronique F.

Reiki as a Spiritual Practice Webclass (Recorded)

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  • Any Reiki Practitioner of any level/lineage is welcome to join!

  • 2h 37m

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