Professional Treatment Webclass (Recorded)

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Feel like you could use a review, or want to take your treatment skills to a deeper level?


Then this webclass is for you!


Over the course of the past years, Fabrizio has performed hundreds of treatments all around Europe, treating people of all ages, backgrounds and conditions.


During this webclass, he shared his experience with the class, so that you may give the perfect Reiki treatment to your clients.


We covered all the essentials, and much more, including:


  • How to prepare the room / the client / ourselves
  • How to truly listen to your clients
  • In-person treatment demonstration, with hand positions and useful techniques
  • Tips and tricks to pamper your clients and help them really open up
  • After the treatment guidelines
  • How to keep your records
  • How to resume your activity after COVID-19 and what precautions you should use 
  • Short Q&A session at the end


This webclass is for Reiki practitioners of any level and lineage.

Professional Treatment Webclass (Recorded)

  • Reiki practitioners of any level and lineage.

  • 3h

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We're in London, UK

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