One hour online group training with Fabrizio Romano

One hour online group training with Fabrizio Romano


Would you like to invite the International School of Usui Reiki main teacher Fabrizio Romano, to give a teaching to your Reiki or meditation group? Or maybe you would like Fabrizio to host a 1h practice for your group? Perhaps, you and your Reiki friends have some burning questions you would like to discuss? Then you are in the right place!


All you need is a computer (or any device) with zoom* installed and a group of interested people.


Get in touch with Fabrizio (, so you can let him know what you wish for your group. Once the class is booked, Fabrizio will get in touch to set a date and a time, and settle the technical details.


You can also book 2 or more hours, if you wish.


A teaching might comprise one or more of the following:


  • The Reiki Precepts
  • Any other aspect of the system of Reiki (Symbols, Hands-on Healing, Meditation Techniques, Attunements/Reiju)
  • Chanting
  • Meditation
  • Reiju
  • Questions


You will be able to support your (and your group's) personal development, receive tailored teachings, and practice together under the guidance of a teacher.


*As the meeting will be held using the application Zoom, please download it ( ahead of time so you have plenty of time to set it up and try it out before the training.

One hour online group training with Fabrizio Romano

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