About Buddhism

I get asked why I talk about Buddhism quite often.

The reason is simple: the system of Reiki for me is a spiritual practice, and therefore, although the tools might be slightly different, its essence is the same of that of Buddhism.

For example, Reiki level II is called Okuden, which means "Hidden, Inner teachings". That points us to the importance of exploring what is "hidden" inside us. Hidden, in this context, also points out that the only way to unhide whatever is inside, is through practice. With practice we can go inside and take a look at what's there.

For me, practice is the foundation tool not just for Okuden level, but for every step we take on our Reiki journey.

This is highlighted even better by the name of Reiki level III: Shinpiden. Shinpiden means "mystery teachings". Why mystery? Because unless we support our knowledge from books and teachers, with your daily, diligent practice, these teachings will remain a mystery to us.

If we now take the Tibetan word for "Buddhist", which is ནང་པ། (Nangpa), and look at its meaning, we discover that Nang means inner/inside/internal, and Pa is an agentive particle, which makes Nangpa "He or she who goes inside".

Therefore, the essence of being a Buddhist is rooted in our practice, and nothing else. We can study all the books, know all the teachers, and learn all the concepts and rituals, but the important question is: are we going inside to take a look at what's there?

So, for me, the goal of these two systems is the same: to help us rediscover who we truly are.

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