Okuden - Level II

Okuden is a Japanese word meaning hidden, inner teachings.


During this course, we turn our attention to what's hidden inside ourselves, in order to achieve a deeper understanding and connection to Mikao Usui’s teachings. This level teaches you how to connect to Earth and Heaven energy, which are the first steps in exploring our integration with the universe. This is achieved by practicing symbols and mantras that are taught in the class. Level II is considered to be the baseline for you becoming a professional Reiki practitioner, if that is your aim.


We'll cover several topics, including the Reiki symbols and mantras, as well as more advanced meditation practices. We will also explore Japanese techniques to improve our intuition, and of course we'll cover everything the students need to know in order to become a professional Reiki practitioner.

As an Okuden graduate you will receive a comprehensive Okuden manual, and a certificate.



Food and accommodation are not included. If you need suggestions on where to stay overnight, please send us an email at info@isureiki.com​. Refreshments will be provided during the training, but please let us know about any food requirements or allergies you might have.


This course takes place over one day, normally a Sunday. For the time schedule please check the description of the event in our shop.

Please try to settle all payments at least 2 weeks before the class. If you need a different payment setup, or if you struggle with the price of the class, please get in touch and we'll try and find a solution for you.

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Your Teacher

Your teacher will be Fabrizio Romano.