International School of Usui Reiki

The International School of Usui Reiki was founded in 2019 by Fabrizio Romano. Our aim is to train students in a traditional Japanese form of the system of Reiki. We also offer training in the Western lineage of Reiki, albeit still highlighting how important it is for our students to develop a daily practice habit.

We teach in a way that is accessible to all and at the same time expresses the spiritual depth of the system. We love Reiki, and we love our students, so we constantly strive to change and improve. We believe in practice and strong ethics.

We train in all three levels of Reiki, and we also offer workshops, shares, retreats, 1-on-1 and teacher training.

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About Fabrizio Romano

Fabrizio Romano was born in Italy in 1975.


After researching various methods from different traditions, in 2005 he started practicing Buddhism. He then learned Reiki, which is now part of his personal practice.


He is a certified Reiki Master in both lineages: Western and Japanese. He's also a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher.


His passion for Reiki has led him to Japan in late 2019. There, he has conducted research to establish a connection with the roots of the system of Reiki.

Fabrizio is the school's director. He brings to his classes the experience of several years of spiritual practice, as well as that of working with hundreds of students and clients from all around the world.


Reiki Teachers Fabrizio Romano and Frans Stiene discuss the Buddhist aspects of the System of Reiki.

Reiki & Buddhism

Reiki Teachers Fabrizio Romano and Frans Stiene discuss the Buddhist aspects of the System of Reiki.

Frans Stiene

Fabrizio is a very dedicated practitioner and Reiki teacher. One of the beautiful elements about him is that he strives to embody the precepts in his daily life through his committed daily meditation practices. I love his approach which includes honesty and compassion, and therefore I highly recommend him as a teacher or to have hands-on healing sessions with.

Frans Stiene - Author of The Inner Heart of Reiki and Reiki Insights.

Memberships and Certifications

Trained Shinpiden IHReiki
CNHC Quality Mark

​Fabrizio is a Reiki Master Practitioner / Teacher certified by the following organisations:

  • International House of Reiki.

  • Shibumi International Reiki Association.

  • UK Reiki Federation.

He's also a Master Practitioner member of CNHC.​

UK Reiki Federatio Membersip
Shibumi Membershp

Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Certificate

Our director Fabrizio Romano is a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, accredited by the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance (IMMA).

COVID-19 Awareness for Therapists

Covid Awareness Certificate

Our director Fabrizio Romano has completed the course in COVID-19 Awareness for Therapists offered by Brighton Holistics. The training is recognised by IFPA, FHT, and the UK Reiki Federation. We are confident that we can keep providing the highest quality standards to our students and clients in a clean and safe environment, without exposing anyone to any unnecessary risks.

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